In case you didn’t catch the previous post, last Saturday was National Hunting and Fishing day across the country. I set forth a challenge for anyone reading to get outside and do something in the woods or on the water to celebrate. I did just that. After all, what kind of outdoorsman would I be if I didn’t practice what I preach? My sister and her husband were in town, so we went as a family (along with my folks and my brother) to a nice chunk of river about an hour outside town. My sister grew up surrounded by anglers, so it’s only natural for her to take to the rod and reel like, well, like a fish to water. I took it upon myself to try to find her some feeding trout (which I did) and left it to her to put the fly in the zone (which she did). I’m happy to say that after a short battle, she landed the fish of the day—a nice 19-inch rainbow (in the pic above). Congrats, Sis! Anyone care to share his or her National Holiday story? I know there were fishing derbies, youth hunts, and other events all over the country, so how did you spend your Saturday? —Ben