A few months ago, I posted a short story about a deer hunt that had to do more with luck than skill, and in response we received several great stories with the same theme. Here’s another one for the list: According to this story from the News Review in Roseburg, Ore., 14-year-old Eli Wolfe was in the right place at the right time while waiting for his school bus. Earlier in the week he saw several deer in the morning light scattered around his family’s property. It was enough activity for him to remain observant every time he walked out to meet the bus. This particular dawn, just before 7:30, he saw a large-bodied deer and knew it was a buck. Armed with only a cell phone, Eli phoned home. After a few calls to his younger brother, a rifle swap, and an accurate shot, Eli had a nice blacktail buck down. That said, I think it’s time for a season update. Who’s been successful so far this year? Any nice bucks or bulls harvested?