width=500 Some days, I just can’t get it right. Last weekend my friend joined me for a little late-season muzzleloader action for elk. Despite the time of year, we’re a little scarce on snow, so naturally the herds spread out over the unit a little more than we had hoped. But, luck was on our side! Glassing from a neighboring ridge, we saw what we came for and the chase was on. When the day was over, I set a new record for spooking elk—5 stalks made, 5 times I got busted. Talk about blown opportunities. You name it, I did it. One group winded us. Another pair bolted when my feet found the crunchiest stick in the woods. I took everything I know about hunting and threw it out the window. On the way home my friend said, “You know, after watching you today, I’m frankly surprised you even know how to load your gun.” Well, frankly I don’t think he’s very funny. Anyone else ever have one of those days when best-laid plans simply aren’t good enough? —Ben