width=500 I’m sure you guys have all heard that the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. Christmas after Christmas, I’ve tried to make it easy on anyone shopping for me by only asking for one thing—gift cards. I don’t care if they’re from Bass Pro Shops or wherever, I can always put them to good use. It takes the stress load off the person shopping, and it lets me get exactly I want down the road. It’s win win! Unfortunately, this year my family decided to ban gift cards as presents. Instead, they want to purchase actual gifts and put them under the tree. So, rather than spend hours flipping through catalogs, I thought it would just be easier to poll the people. What are you guys asking for this year? I’m hoping I can borrow a few of your ideas and use them to put together a decent wish list of my own. To make it worth your while, I’ll put the names of whoever posts a comment into a drawing for a $15 gift card to Bass Pro Shops—on the house. —Ben