width=500 I know some of you have already read this post, but due to some technical difficulties with the site a couple of weeks ago, the story and all of your comments disappeared into the vast world wide web. So, here it is again: In September, I asked for the best takes of luck in the field and you responded in a big way. All the stories were great, but I was most impressed with the falconry adventure. So Roe, the Quaker Boy grunt call is yours. E-mail with your address and we’ll get it out to you ASAP. Want a second chance to win something? Well, here comes Gear Giveaway Round No. 2. I have a problem with the full-mount coyote (above) I have, which has been sitting in my living room for years. It’s not the fact that he stares at me while I watch television, or his hollow eyes, or his somewhat unnatural posture that’s the problem. It’s the fact that he’s the closest thing I have to a real pet, but he doesn’t have a name. He came to me a few years ago. I was bowhunting whitetails when I saw something move behind a tree. I first thought it was a raccoon, but as it walked closer, it grew bigger. I looked hard through my binoculars for a while—searching for a collar or other sign that it was “little Susie’s” pet. At five yards, I concluded it was a coyote, and let an arrow fly. Since then he’s been in my living room—but up until now, he’s remained nameless. Any suggestions? I’ll sweeten the pot with a free Sceery Predator Call for whoever comes up with the winning moniker. —Ben