width=500 Last week I spent the last few days of the Montana gun season in elk camp with some great friends, ate some delicious food, and set my peepers on some incredible scenery. We had some snowy weather move over us for a spell, but other than that, it was a terrific week. One where I made some new memories—and even found where the elk were hanging out, if you can believe that! As much as I enjoy the anticipation of packing up and heading out, coming home is a good feeling as well. It’s going to take a few days to rebuild my strength back and defrost the rest of my gear, but it was worth it. I’m curious as to how everyone else spent the turkey holiday. I know across the country the end of November signals the end of some hunting seasons and the beginning of others, so pull up a chair and fill me in. Are you ending your season or just beginning? Having any luck? —Ben