The holidays are nearly over. There’s just one more to go, and I can’t believe the days have gone by so fast. Seems like yesterday I was with the family, eating pounds of food and opening presents. But I like the holidays for another reason: there are some great movies on TV this time of year. Just this past weekend I caught one of my favorites, Jeremiah Johnson. It’s a great one to watch after stuffing yourself and you feel an afternoon snooze coming on. Of course, Never Cry Wolf is a solid backup. Last year, I had the chance to watch a great documentary called Alone in the Wilderness. It’s the story of Dick Proenneke, a man who moved to Alaska in 1968, built a homestead with somewhat primitive tools, and filmed his entire experience. If you see this scheduled on your local PBS station, I highly recommend it. Here’s a link to a YouTube preview as a teaser. I know there are other classic outdoor movies out there, so what am I missing? If you had to pick your top  favorite outdoor flick, what would it be? —Ben