width=500 width=500 After years of sitting in the corner of my house, living without an identity of his own, my stuffed coyote finally has a name. No longer will he have to stand up and stare into infinity wondering who he is, or listen to my wife refer to him as “that thing.” From this point forward his name shall be…Otis. I think it fits, and judging from the responses to my request, I’m not alone. So, I sprung for some dog tags (in case he gets lost). Thanks to everyone who contributed a name for consideration—it was a tough decision. Some of the names were hilarious. Killer stuff. Bubblegumblood, you’re the winner. Shoot your mailing address to and I’ll get that predator call out to you ASAP. Congratulations! However, Bubblegumblood, there is a catch: If you use the call to whistle in a coyote of your own, you have to tell us the story. . . And then we get to name it! —Ben