Every once and a while I come across a story that makes me smile. There’s nothing unusual or abnormal about these girls, they just hunted hard and closed the deal on terrific hunts and deserve a pat on the back. Britney Kunst and Abby Elkin attend the same high school in western Pennsylvania, but they pulled the trigger on their first bucks from entirely different locations last week. Britney harvested a nice young buck that seemingly appeared out of nowhere when she was climbing from her stand, while Abby made a made a close-range shot with her .270 at a 4×4 with a 14-inch spread. A few hundred miles away, two other young ladies—in this case sisters—took down two incredible whitetail bucks this season! Riley Rader was hunting over wheat field during the youth season last month when she took a nice 150-class buck—a few inches bigger than anything her father has ever harvested! Her sister Raegan shot a 140-class buck over the Thanksgiving holiday. Congratulations to the Rader girls! Who else hauled out deer, elk, turkeys, or the like this season with a sibling or parent? Or, better yet, a grandparent? —Ben