My brother and I used to live a stone’s throw away from a few small farm ponds. One of our favorite things to do was catch small panfish on fly tackle, let them dance in the shallows, and watch as the biggest largemouth bass tried to swallow them whole. To our surprise, a few actually did, but those episodes were few and far between. It was a lot like Lukas Volpe’s tale from southern Florida. He was fishing with a friend when a decent-size peacock bass latched on to the front treble hooks of his lure. While he was fighting the fish, a largemouth bass (estimated at 5 pounds) charged and locked its lips on the lure’s trailing hook. Lukas landed both fish, snapped a few quick photos with his cell-phone camera, and eased both warriors back into the water. What a catch! Now that the year is winding down, anyone else have a fishing or hunting trip in ’09 with a bizarre twist? —Ben