I like to fly fish. That’s no secret. But after a season of trashing flies, I desperately need to replenish my stock and there’s no better time to sit at a tying vice than winter. But why should I have all the fun? Have you ever wanted to learn how to tie flies? Well, here’s your chance. The good people at Umpqua Feather Merchants donated four fly-tying kits—and the materials to tie three fly patterns—for me to give away. These setups include the tools, hooks, threads, and everything else you need to learn the basics. If you want to win one of these kits, keep reading. Here’s the deal: I’ve taken some photos of a few common fly patterns and posted them below. The first four young anglers (18 years old and younger) to name all of the flies correctly wins. But that’s not all… If you win one of the kits, I want to see the flies you tie. To help you along the way, next week I’m going to post three short videos about how to tie each of the flies in the tying kits. At the end of the competition, email me photos of your best efforts, and I’ll pick a grand prize winner who will get a new fly-fishing package (rod, reel, line, fly boxes, the works) from our friends at Scientific Anglers. Believe me, this setup is top notch! This is a great chance to learn a new skill before spring. But remember, we only have four fly-tying kits to give away, so hurry up and leave your fly-name guesses in the comments box. —Ben 1. width=230 2. width=230 3. width=230 4. width=230 5. width=230