Video: Fly-Tying, Part 1—Caddis Larvae

width=230 Well, here we are: It's time for fly-pattern recipe No. 1. The caddis larvae is a good starting point because it’s not a complicated fly. In just a few steps you can learn basic fly-tying mechanics (skills you can use to tie other flies). Plus, this fly can catch anything from trout to bluegill. The caddis is a bug that flutters in and around rivers and lakes and during the fishing season. It looks like a small moth when it's flying, but it spends most of its life underwater where it is a favorite food for fish. Like a butterfly bursting from a cocoon, a caddis rises to the surface of the water, spreads its wings, and flis away. Watch the video, and be sure to ask any questions that come to mind. Now go and tie one on! —Ben