width=500 Fresh snow, mostly clear skies, a slight East wind, and a maze of footprints: Days like that are rare around here in the late winter months, so I have to take them when I can get them. A friend and I decided this past Saturday we’d try to use the break in the weather to shake off our cabin fever and chase a few coyotes in the desert. We set up in a few areas and covered several miles of ground, but sadly the only animals that seemingly appeared out of nowhere were jackrabbits. Coyotes were definitely in the area though, make no mistake about that. We found hundreds of fresh tracks snaking through the sagebrush all around us. We finally coaxed one dog into responding on our last set, but my buddy shot low, and the ‘yote was gone as quickly as he came. Aside from the missed shot, it was a good morning. After spending most days indoors the last two months, it was a much-needed break. How do you guys shake off the winter blues? What sort of activities do you do to keep your mind from going stale before spring? —Ben