A few weeks ago when Colin and I decided to kick start a small fly-tying competition on the Generation Wild, we weren’t sure where it would lead—or how well you all would respond. However, now that we’re wrapping things up, I have to admit it went terrific. I had fun putting together the packages, producing the video clips, and answering all your questions. I hope you enjoyed learning a new skill. So with that said, today is the day. It was a tough decision, but we’ve reviewed the photos and decided on a winner. . . ThatKid, get your casting arm warmed up for spring, because a Scientific Anglers fly-fishing started kit is on its way to your door. Congratulations! I hope you send us a photo of the first fish you catch with your own flies. His Woolly Bugger (above) stood out. The tail is a little thick, but he definitely got the hang of wrapping the body, wire, and hackle. Nice work! —Ben