width=350 I was just thinking the other day that it’s almost time to go shed hunting. Then I stumbled across this news story where a young hunter not only found a shed, he found the whole rack—and what a rack. Lucas Allen, 18, of West Virginia, was hunting one Saturday—a day after he missed an 8-point whitetail—when he spots something on the way to his tree stand. It turned out to be the remains of a 20-point buck—one of the biggest deer he’s ever seen. Lucas took the rack home and even played a joke on his brothers: I put it in the bed of my truck and set it up so that when I pulled in the driveway, they thought I had killed it, Lucas told the West Virginia Metro News. My brother came home from hunting and I told him, ‘I got a 20-pointer.’ He started laughing so I took him up there and showed him and he couldn’t believe it. What makes the story even better is the state DNR office let him keep the rack. I’ve found two whitetail racks the same way: I’m just walking along, and I catch something out of the corner of my eye. Then I always have to ask the question, How did that get here?” Anyone else find or see similar “oddities” when they’re out in the field? On another note…I hope you all enjoyed the fly-tying videos we put up. Fly-tying it really is a great way to spend a few winter evenings. Plus, when spring finally arrives, you’re armed with enough flies to catch every fish in the pond. Now we need a winner. So for the four of you who received the tying kits, e-mail a photo of your best fly to by the end of the week. I’ll review the pics and announce the winner of the Scientific Anglers fly-fishing kit early next week. We’ll also post the photos of the flies. Who else was able to tie up some of the flies we demonstrated on the site? Did you enjoy it, and would you like to do something like this again? I’m interested in hearing some feedback, as well as seeing any other flies you might have whipped up. Feel free to e-mail us your photos as well. I’d love to see what you came up with. —Ben