Hey everybody!  Its Jessie Ann again. I know its been a while since my last post, but I wanted to put up something good from deer season. Unfortunately this year I got to eat “tag steak, because I didn’t fill a single tag. I didn’t get to hunt much either, but I’m very grateful for the times that did. I’m okay with not filling a tag, because I just enjoy being outdoors. Not every hunt ends with game in the bag. When I went hunting with my brother this year, we went to a spot where he had shot two does the day before, and we were sure I would see some deer. After we got to the spot, we weren’t feeling too good about it, because the wind direction was wrong for that particular spot. We sat in the spot for a little while, and we started hearing something, and it kept getting closer and closer. It turned out to be a man and a woman on a 4-wheeler, trespassing and running deer to the neighboring property. My brother talked to them and asked them to leave. When he got back he told me that they had both been drinking and that he saw them holding beer cans. They went on about their way, and we decided to get out of the area to avoid dealing with irresponsible adults, and to hopefully find some deer. On our way to the second spot, we jumped up a big group of does and they took off running. We decided to sit down against a tree rather than push them farther into the timber. We sat there about an hour and had two does run by at about 50 yards with a small buck right on their tails, but they wouldn’t stop running. We kept sitting there and after another half hour or so, five does walked to within 80 yards. I took forever trying to decide which one to shoot. And once I finally shot…I missed! I was so upset! Then I got over it pretty quickly, because I’ve killed plenty of deer in the past. A successful hunt is not measured by the amount of game you take, its measured  by whether or not you enjoyed yourself. After all, a bad day hunting is still better than a good day at school! Well, now you know about my 2008 deer season. I hope you guys had better luck than me. Stay safe out there.  —Jessie Ann