Video: Fly-Tying, Part 2—Hare's Ear

width=230 OK, time to step it up a notch. Now that you have the caddis larvae pattern mastered, it’s time to give this famous nymph pattern a try. While you can use a fly rod to chase just about any fish, trout are the most popular. A trout consumes more than 75 percent of its diet underwater—bugs, worms, and other morsels that make their home among the sand and rocks along a stream bottom. The Hare’s Ear nymph represents some of these food items and is a reliable pattern on many rivers from the Southeast to the Northwest. Watch the video if you’re curious on how to tie this pattern, and feel free to post any questions below. It’s not an easy fly to tie, but with some practice I'm sure you guys can handle it. —Ben