Video: Fly-Tying, Part 3 — Woolly Bugger

width=230 I saved the best for last. If someone were to create a Top 10 list of the most popular, most effective flies on earth, you can be the woolly bugger would earn a top spot. Tied in different sizes, shapes, and colors it can imitate a worm, hellgrammite, leech, baitfish, or anything else a fish finds particularly attractive that day. Trout love it, but so do bass, panfish, carp, steelhead, and salmon. Heck, I’ve even caught walleye with them. It also incorporates a new material our tiers have never used. Hackle is a crucial component to many flies like this, as well as dry flies that float on top of the water. Watch the video for the steps on how to tie this pattern, and feel free to ask questions below. I’ll reply with answers as often as I can. Good luck! —Ben