width=375 It’s just about that time of year. Actually, let me correct that, it is that time of year in many parts of the country. Time to rough up those glass calls, practice purring with a diaphragm, and get used to the idea of losing circulation in your legs from sitting with your back propped up against a tree for so long waiting for that hesitant gobbler to come in. The past few seasons, I’ve been taking it a step farther and hunted turkeys with my bow. Last April, in Nebraska, I saw more turkeys than I ever have before. It was incredible. And when the moment of truth arrived (twice), I blew it. I send my arrow right down the backside of both gobblers, shaving their feathers along the way. They spooked and scrambled away, but I could see a ‘reverse mohawk’ stripe in their backs from hundreds of yards away. For the next few weekends, several states offer special youth seasons for young hunters. I encourage anyone to get out if they have an opportunity. Of course, I hope that your experience is better than mine. If it is, we want to hear out it here at Generation Wild. Trust me, if I’m able to do anything but give a bird a bad haircut, you’ll be the first to hear about it. —Ben