After seeing some of the videos from our Generation Wild Pro Staff over the last few months, I felt like I had to throw in my contribution. So, I went back into my archive of hunting footage and found some clips from a hunt that took place 10 years ago. My friend and I were hunting in a river drainage for whitetails and after some scouting, we picked this area that proved to be a good spot—we harvested two does and one nice 4×5 buck in three days. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the camera rolling the afternoon we harvested the buck, but I caught the two does on film. There are a few moments when a doe looks up at us and I swear we were busted, but my friend was able to get two clean shots. Within 72 hours, we had enough meat in the freezer for winter—and a nice rack at the taxidermist. Keep in mind I recorded these hunts on VHS tape, hence the poor video and sound quality. But I think our excitement and the highlights of the hunt shows through. They were just does, but when you’re hunting with friends, everything is a trophy. Enjoy! —Ben