I remember several hunts when I swear an animal busted me. Whitetails are famous for it. If they pick up your scent, or catch movement in the tree, they’ll just stand and stare. Those are the worst moments for me, because I never know if the jig is up. So I sit, motionless, waiting for them to stop staring through me. This video clip, however, tells a different story, and you can definitely tell when the hunt is over. This is another gem from my “vault,” filmed during the same hunt as the mule deer clip I posted last week. Our primary objective was finding mule deer, but when we saw this doe antelope, my friend (who had a tag) decided to attempt a stalk. It’s a short clip, but pay attention to the second half when my friend makes a move to get closer and thinks he’s being sneaky. He doesn’t see the reaction by the antelope. From where I was watching, her body language said the game was over. I don’t think hunters often get a second chance after blowing the first, but I could be wrong. I’ve never seen it happen, but it’s rare. Anyone here ever work the odds back in their favor after getting busted? —Ben