Well, my first effort at posting a Generation Wild video contribution was popular enough that I decided to dive back into the archive for another gem. This hunt was a little more recent than my last submission, and thankfully, I used a digital camera instead of ancient VHS tape so the picture and sound are a little better. (Though you’ll have to excuse my heavy breathing in parts—next on my list are a pair of wireless microphones.) My friend and I filled our buck tags earlier in the season and decided to hunt some does to fill the freezer. We camped in the back of a truck, cooked our meals on the tongue of the trailer, and basically froze in sub-zero temperatures for three days. We watched this particular group of deer move from a field and bed down on a hillside before making our stalk. We tried to get our sights on more than one deer, but rather than risk injuring an animal from a bad shot, we let the rest of the group go. My favorite part of the film is when I made my friend pose for the final image. Can you tell he was less than happy about it? It was a fun hunt—one that proves you don’t always need antlers for a memorable experience. Let me know what you think. I have a few more film classics I’ll try to dig out in the next few weeks —Ben