Here is the last video from my vault. I was hunting with the same friend who has appeared in the previous videos, though this time we’re looking for elk on the opening day of archery season a few years ago. To put it bluntly, we’re probably two of the worst callers you can find. But we got into this area and heard a few bugles and cow calls not too far away so we decided to give it a try. Before we knew it, a lone cow came in and didn’t really give us a chance to set up (you can tell by my panicked breathing that I was in a hurry to find cover). My favorite part is after it’s all said and done, my friend says to me, “I wish the elk would tell us when they’re coming in—something like ‘Hey, here I come.’” We both had a good laugh. That’s the last of my old-school vids for a while, but with a new season ahead, expect some new clips from time to time! —Ben