width=413 So far, so good. It seems like those who are getting out this spring are finding the turkeys. After posting a short story last week about Kevin Croteau’s dream to build a better turkey call, I found something else. This story highlights some of the most successful youth hunts so far this season. Fourteen-year old Sawyer Meese (above) is one hunter mentioned. He dropped a 30-pound gobbler while hunting with his dad. Cole Warlop also took a bird—his first—that weighed an impressive 22 pounds. Riley Hill also tagged a bird after a group of hens nearby called it in for him. In one swoop, these hunters did what it sometimes takes others years to accomplish. Congratulations. The spring gobbler season is just starting to get hot around my neck of the woods, but I haven’t had a chance to get out yet. Is anyone else enjoying success? —Ben