width=350 It’s finally starting to feel like spring in my neck of the woods. Last Friday, despite strong winds, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I took my boat out on the reservoir. Needless to say the water is still cold and the fish aren’t in the mood to chase what I was throwing—but that could’ve been because I didn’t have what they wanted. That’s where Grant Ehlenfeldt, 12, of Wisconsin comes in. Grant is an accomplished fly tier who now has license to say he ties “award-winning flies.” Last month, his Muddler Minnow entry into a New York fly-tying contest beat out dozens of other submissions and won first place in the streamers category. According to the New Richmond News, his passion started when he got a lure-tying kit for Christmas, but somewhere over the next two years, he became interested in flies and soon made the jump from cork bodies to fur-and-feathers. I hope we inspired a few people to give fly-tying a try with the fly-tying competition we held a few months ago. But what other outdoors items have you created with your own two hands? I tried building a canoe once, but it sank like a stone, so I’ve decided to stick to tying flies. —Ben