Hey everyone, I thought It’d be cool if I introduced some people who has helped and influenced me on my outdoor career. Who are yours? width=230 Fred Poulsen Favorite Game to Hunt: Whitetail (Shotgun) Favorite Fish to Catch: Shark Occupation: Carpenter Fred was a big reason why I am hooked on hunting whitetails. With help from him, I was able to take my first deer ever. Since that day, I’ve been hooked. width=230 Carey Nemeth Favorite Game to Hunt: Geese Favorite Fish to Catch: Bass Occupation: Tech Teacher (Autoshop) Carey is another influence of my passion for the outdoors. I’m friends with his son Kevin, and Carey takes both us hunting during the season. Carey also takes me fishing, bow shooting, and a lot of other activities related to the outdoors. width=230 Don Souders Favorite Game to Hunt: Whitetails (Bow) Favorite Fish to Catch: Bass Occupation: Lawyer Don also had a big influence in my passion for the outdoors. He helped me get started in bowhunting, and he also took me on my first coyote hunt. He’s also been known to tell some pretty crazy stories. I think everyone has had someone older in their life who was an influence or helped guide them with the outdoors. Well, here are the three older guys who have helped me out tremendously. So I’d like to say thanks to Fred, Carey, and Don for helping me out with all that you have done. —Tyler