Note to self: If you’re going to carry a video camera to the lake to film a few fishing scenes, charge the batteries before you leave the house… I know Colin was out fishing big water the past few days, but I have a fishing report of my own. This past weekend was one of the best spring days we’ve had in my neck of the woods for quite some time. It felt like it was raining for a month straight for a while there, so the sun and 80-degree temps were a welcome relief. I tried to make the most of it and decided to launch my boat, work around the flooded timber with my fly rod in hand, and see if I could entice a few carp. Unfortunately, the water was still a little on the cold side and the carp were more interested in soaking up the sun. But, as you can see in this short clip, the bass are starting to come on strong, so I changed gears and started shopping the shallows for bucketmouths. None of the fish were big—most fell under the 2-pound gauge—but they were fun all the same. The day’s saving grace was my little point-and-shoot camera. There’s a video function on it so we shot a few quick clips and I pieced them together. It was a good afternoon, but it’s only going to get better over the next few weeks. I’ll bring a better video camera out next time (with charged batteries) and show you how hard some of these bass hit lures and flies. I can’t get enough of it. Enjoy! —Ben