So here’s the scoop. I took my buddy and his girlfriend out last Saturday to chase some largemouth bass, but sadly, once again, they simply weren’t in the mood to chase what we were throwing. We caught a few (including some on the surface), but it was by no means a slammer. One thing we noticed was an abundance of carp sunning themselves and working into the shallow brush. It didn’t take much to convince us that we needed to change tactics. The next day we hit the water, replacing our rods and reels with a bow and arrow. In the end, we missed more than we hit. And while none of the fish were huge, it was great to get out and fling an arrow around. The best part of the day was the excitement of my friend’s girlfriend. This was only her second time bowhunting and she was shaking with excitement. We took some photographs and captured a short video, which I took the liberty of cutting down and posting for you to enjoy. My only regret is I didn’t put a wireless microphone on anyone in the front of the boat. The sound went a little haywire, and it’s a little hard to hear the shooter. If you’ve never tried bowfishing, give it a “shot.” It’s cheap and a great way to stay outside when the fish aren’t in the mood. Let me know what you think! —Ben (HINT: If you watch the video in “HQ” mode, you can see some of the fish before the arrow flies.)