Archery—in 3-D

I know that in the past I’ve propped myself up on a soapbox and preached about how much I love 3-D archery shoots, but it took this article to make me realize all the reasons why I think they’re such a great activity.

One of the things this article highlights is that first and foremost, 3-D shoots are a great way to practice. Different targets or different sizes placed at different games always keeps you on your toes—exactly the way things can roll when you're in a treestand or hunting blind. You simply never know how far or what angles you're going to be presented with, so it's best to practice them all.

If you read through it, the author notes form, concentration, and shooting under pressure are some other pointers a 3-D shoot can help you sharpen—a few keys I sometimes overlook in the heat of the moment. I’m sure I’m not alone. Who else starts shaking like a leaf and throws all the things you learn in practice right out the window at the sight of a big buck or bugling elk? —Ben