Yeah, I know we’re a few days past the holiday, but it’s taken my weak body this long to recover. I didn’t participate in any spectacular fireworks events, and I didn’t land at any backyard barbeques. Instead, I worked a small circle in the Rocky Mountains, hopping from river to river, chasing any fish that would lock on to the end of my line. Some of the highlights included eating nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a 48-hour stretch (all the restaurants were closed), rowing a boat from sun up to sun down, and stumbling through some of the worst mosquito country I’ve ever seen (I have bumps everywhere!). But my friend and I caught many, many fish. So it was worth it!

I hope everyone else was able to get out-and-about, and I can’t wait to hear some stories. I stopped by and picked up some hats, gear, and other trinkets at different shops while I was out, so I’ll start by offering up this fishing trucker’s hat shown above (deer not included) to whoever can tell me what made your holiday weekend special. It’s a sweet lid, fresh with the price tag, and has the logo of a famous fly shop in southwest Montana.

I’m heading north again for a week so I’ll be picking up some more garb and goodies. Bottom line—expect more little giveaways in the next few weeks. In the meantime, hit me with the holiday scoop. Who caught fish with their folks? Who burned some marshmallows on the campfire? Who ate more cheeseburgers and apple pie than a human should? —Ben