width=500 Make no mistake about it, summer is here. I spent last weekend in the woods and on the water, and I have the mosquito bites to prove it. (I must taste good to them, because it felt like every bug within a 20-foot radius was trying to drill through my skin). My buddy and I saw some pretty country and caught some decent fish. The photo above is one of the nice brown trout we landed. However, all that aside, this weekend is the big one. Probably the most celebrated days throughout the summer, so be sure to capitalize on it. I’m heading back out (today in fact) to plop my tent back amongst the mosquitoes (again) along some rivers and do my best to harass any remaining members of the trout population I missed last weekend. We’re going to do a little swimming, eat a few grilled burgers, and probably suck down more bags of chips than is medically advisable. So with that, I say enjoy it! t. When we get back together after the holiday, I’ll post my report and we’ll follow up to see who had the best weekend. I’m thinking I’ll pick up a souvenir to give away and we’ll make a little contest out of it. What do you say? —Ben