So here’s my problem: Little Romans (a.k.a. my son) is celebrating his first birthday soon, and I have no idea what to get him. Should I go shopping for something with a fishing theme? Camo for hunting? Pop gun?

The Boss (a.k.a. his mother) wants to get him some toys or little musical instruments, but I’d rather shop at Bass Pro Shops nstead of Toys R Us. Gotta get him going on the right foot, you know what I mean?

Granted he’s probably too small to know what to do with his first fishing rod, and there’s no way mom is going to let me take him up in a two-man treestand—so I’m stuck! Any suggestions? What’s a cool hunting or fishing gift a parent, relative, or friend gave you that’s special? I’m looking for some ideas here, gang, so hit me with anything that pops in your head. —Ben