I’ve always wondered what it would be like to catch a record-size fish. I came close once. I was fishing for bass around some submerged tree stumps when something struck my crankbait like a ton of bricks. It fought like a bass, but when I got the fish to the boat, I saw it was the biggest bluegill I’d ever seen. I mean, this thing had some serious teeth. I took it home, measured and weighed it, and found out I was 2 ounces shy of setting a new state record.

Jeff “Marathon Man” Kolodzinski of Minnesota, however, is taking fishing records a step further with a charity event that’s unlike any other. Beginning tomorrow, July 31, at 7:00 a.m., he’s going to attempt to break his own world record by catching the most fish ever in a 24-hour period. What’s great is if you can’t be on site to watch Jeff try to break into the record books, you can watch all the action live. He’s broadcasting the entire event online.

Guess how many fish he has to catch to break that record…


I know I for one will be tuning in from time to time to see how he’s doing. Anyone else ever come close to getting their name in the record books? If given a choice, what would you want to be listed for—biggest whitetail, biggest bass, or most lures lost on the lake bottom in a single day?  —Ben