I tried. I mean I really, really tried a couple of weeks to find the walleye. But the weather (the wind was howling), and my relative ignorance about the area (it was the first time I fished that part of the river) worked against me, and I went zero-for-zero over two days.

I was in North Dakota fishing the lower Missouri River. Before the trip most of my fishing on the Missouri was focused on the trout-rich portions in Montana. This part of the river was completely different. Much wider and deeper than I was used to. Thankfully, we took my small motorboat, and while the walleyes were nowhere that I was fishing, the carp were certainly plentiful. I caught a few on my fly rod (they were eating floating cottonwood seeds) and once I had my fill, we got out the bow again and stung a few. I’m seriously getting addicted to that stuff.

In any case, we didn’t close out the trip with any fish fry dinners, but we burned some nice memories onto our digital cameras. I never thought I’d say this about North Dakota, but I can’t wait to go back. Where are your out-of-state travels taking you this summer? —Ben