width=500 I think our hat giveaway was a great contest. I liked the stories, and I’m glad you all had the chance to get out over the 4th of July. When it’s all said and done though, I have to hand over the goods to BenC. Partly because I’m jealousj that he enjoyed on some tasty seafood, but mostly because his wordsmithing packed a punch. Nice work! Shoot your mailing address to, and I’ll get the trucker lid off to you. Want another chance to impress me? Here’s your shot. The fly box shown above is another little gift from a friend’s fly shop that I want to hand off to another Generation Wild visitor. But here’s the best part: The winner gets to tell me what flies to put in it. That’s right, I’ll pack a dozen freshwater flies of your choice into this little clamshell. What’s working in your area? Hoppers? Woolly Buggers? It doesn’t matter, pick 12 different flies if you want, and I’ll put all 12 inside before the postman routes it to your door. Wanna play? OK, then here’s the drill: I want to hear about your favorite fishing partner. Could be your dad, your brother, or your dog for all I care. Tell me who it is, and why you enjoy hitting the water with them. Rather than pick my favorite, I’ll put everyone’s name in  a hat who posts something and draw a name. Sound fair? Then let’s hear it. —Ben