I like music as much as the next guy—especially if it puts me in the right mood or gets me juiced up before I go fishing or hunting. Typically, I’ll just plug my iPod into the car stereo, and when I reach where I’m going, that’s the end of it. But I’m seeing more and more people take their tunes into the field. I’ve even seen one guy in a treestand put in his earphones, completely taking his sense of hearing out of the equation. I don’t think I could do that.

I have a couple of play lists that I select depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing. There’s one for deer hunting in a treestand, another for climbing after elk, and some gentler tunes for those early mornings or late afternoons when I head to the river for the evening hatch. I just have to make sure to end on good song, because that’s the one that will replay in my head—over…and over again.

I have to admit I started thinking about all this after watching Tyler’s bass fishing video and hearing the music in the background. Plus, there are now plenty of music gizmos available for boats and backpacks.

Who else takes their tunes with them in the field? If you leave the music, what do you listen to before you head out? —Ben