I am not above harvesting roadkill. OK, let me rephrase that a little… I don’t like seeing animals wasting away along the shoulder of the highway. I was meeting my family for a farewell-to-summer camping trip this past weekend, and on my way out of town, a small coyote darted in front of traffic ahead of us and unfortunately didn’t make it to the other side (alive). Despite the pleas of my brother and wife to leave the ‘yote alone, I pulled over, put him in the truck, and skinned him at the campsite. I figured why let a pelt go to waste? It was a fresh kill, I wasn’t breaking the law, and I was doing the highway department a favor by picking up something that was bound to rot. Was I wrong? Along those same lines, when I lived in Pennsylvania, I saw a dump truck put the final KO on a 6-point whitetail in late October. I called the Fish & Game office and received permission to pick up the buck and take it to the butcher. A few days later, I loaded my freezer with pounds of steak and burger without ever punching a deer tag. Turned out to be some of the tastiest game meat I’ve had. So am I crazy or sick? If it’s legal, and the animal isn’t spoiled, is it wrong to scavenge from the driver’s seat? I want an honest opinion here, because as fall approaches, I’m sure I’ll see more treasures next to the rumble strips. —Ben