So it’s been a while since I posted a news article—probably because it’s been a while since anything caught my eye.

Well today something made me stop in my tracks. Apparently, a few Florida boys were using chicken as bait while fishing for crabs. At some point, they decided to tie some bait to the end of a rope and pitched it into a nearby canal in hopes of attracting an alligator. Well, they succeeded. Not only did they attract an alligator, the alligator’s snout tangled in the boy’s rope snare.

I’m not a big alligator fan to begin with, so when I see or hear about someone latching on to one that’s nearly 10-feet long, I have to scratch my head and say, “I guess that wasn’t such a good idea, was it?”

But I suppose I’m not much better when it comes to thinking things through. I once thought I could build a canoe out of scrap wood, and when I finished, I was proud. Unfortunately, the maiden voyage was also the last. It floated as well as a rock, and I ended up more wet than dry. Who else has had a (seemingly) good idea gone bad? —Ben