width=500 I just realized two things yesterday afternoon: First, it’s been quite some time since we had a giveaway. And second, because of my obsession for chasing big-game with stick-and-string, I neglected to schedule any time for the other perfect September treat—upland birds and doves. What made me realize? Well, it was the little fellow pictured above that sat perfectly perched on my fence long enough to get a photograph. He wasn’t really missing a head, I just left that part out of the photo. (Of course if he was, I’d probably still miss him. Some days I just can’t hit the broad side of a barn.) So my question is, can you name this game bird? I’ll take the name of anyone that answers correctly and drop it in a hat. The lucky name drawn from the hat wins a sweet Cyclops Orion 3-LED headlamp that clips on to the brim of a ball cap. I like them because they’re lightweight and easy to throw in a pack. Plus, they’re bright and the batteries seem to last forever. Hit me with your best guess! —Ben