I’m no MacGyver (though I also always carry a Swiss Army Knife), but I like to think I can improvise on the spot when the need arises.

Case in point, I was elk hunting last week and let my socks get a little too wet from sweat. Before long I could feel blisters burning on the back of my heels. One of the things I forgot to pack (and one thing I would add to our list on The Things You Carry post) is moleskin. I did some digging, however, and turned up some athletic tape in my first-aid kit. A few strips strategically placed on the back of my heel and I was good to go. It wasn’t as comfortable as a moleskin patch, but it helped me make it through the hunt.

Anyone else ever had to improvise on the spot? What sorts of tricks, gadgets, or simple solutions did you come up with. And more importantly, did it work? —Ben