width=500 This week, we’re finally introducing the new Generation Wild Pro Staff. Check back every day for the rest of the week (Tuesday-Friday) to meet a new member of the staff each day. We’ve already featured Thomas Ladson, Brooke Kennedy, and Nate Dean. Today, we’d like you to meet the fourth and final member of the Pro Staff… Nathan Garrett When I was 4 years old, I remember going out in Pamlico Sound and setting our wooden decoys out and see thousands of blue bills, canvasback, red heads, and buffleheads fill the sky. After I shot my first duck, a bufflehead drake, I was hooked. I hunt almost every single day during waterfowl season. I start in Canada, then I alternate between North Carolina and Arkansas from November to January. I go to school during the summer so I can take off duck season. I started guiding when I was 13. I’m 15 now, and my dad and I run a first-class lodge and guide service. I also do competition duck, swan, and goose calling. One of my best days hunting was when my dad, a guy named Derek Foote, and I were hunting Gull Rock Bay in Pamlico Sound. The temperature was negative nine degrees and the sound was frozen except for one section of the bay. When we got the decoys out and were sitting down, I looked up and you couldn’t see the sky. It was covered with ducks. It took us five minutes to kill eighteen ducks.