width=500 _This week, we’re finally introducing the new Generation Wild Pro Staff. (Sorry for the long wait, but we had a TON of great entries to get through this year.) Check back every day for the rest of the week (Tuesday-Friday) to meet a new member of the staff each day. Our first Pro Staffer is… _ Thomas Ladson I consider myself to be an avid outdoorsmen in both hunting and fishing. I’ve been fishing since I was 3 years old with my father and grandfather. It is a passion to wake up early in the morning and be on the lake before anyone else and to hear the natural sounds of the wild. And I am obsessed with hunting and taking down the buck of a lifetime. I am 17 years old and live for the outdoors. While most kids during summer are sitting at home playing games, I am up every morning at sunup scouting and looking for those big bucks. I hunt both bow and rifle seasons, but I am a huge bow hunter. I have a job, but I don’t spend my money on things like videogames or cell phones. I use my money for hunting supplies. While my friends are talking about the new cell phones they have, I’m admiring the new trail camera I picked up to help my cause. I buy new scent blocker clothes instead of the latest fashions. My mother and father divorced when I was just starting to hunt, and I didn’t really have anyone to take me or show me the ropes. I watched and learned tips and methods from Bill Jordan, and David Blaton. I would buy Monster Bucks instead of going to the movies with friends. I may not be the best hunter in the world, but for a 17-year-old, I’m pretty good. I’ve been hunting five years now, and so far I’ve harvested four bucks. I also understand what it means to manage the heard, so while other youth hunters are harvesting spike bucks and immature deer, I’m letting that younger buck walk and waiting for that big mature 4-year-old whitetail. My most recent buck was a 12-pointer with only one side because he lost half of his set fighting with another buck during the rut. I also know what it means to give back. I am constantly taking my girlfriend’s younger brothers out hunting. Since they have no one to take them, I volunteer my time to helping them get a buck and to promote the outdoors to more youths who are just starting out. It’s a dream and a privilege to be on the Pro Staff.