width=500 A few days ago, two friends of mine passed through on their way to chase mule deer in the high country. Unfortunately, a cold front passed through and laid down some serious snow—well, at least enough to make it tough to hike up and downhill all day long. To make a long story short, they were successful. While none of the bucks they glassed would bust the record books wide open, they found a respectable deer and made a slow-and-steady stalk. After the shot however, the deer dropped down the steepest slope in the drainage and it took a little longer than they anticipated to haul the old boy out. The adventure put several blisters on their feet, but they had some backstrap on the campfire and a great story to tell me on their way back through town. I’ve been chasing elk for the past few weeks, but apparently, it’s time to switch gears and go after some deer. I hope everyone else is getting out there and having a great time this season. —Ben