Young Hunters Shoot a Trophy Moose and Mountain Goat!

I haven’t been lucky enough to draw any “special” tags: You know, those highly prized little permits that let you hunt some of the most exceptional big game in North America. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying to get them, because you never know when your number is going to hit. Take these two lucky hunters: [caption id=attachment_727 align=alignleft width=500 caption=Photo:]Photo:[/caption] Kelly Holmin is a seventh grader from Nicollet, Minnesota—a state that recently lowered it’s youth hunting age to 10. According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, earlier this year her father submitted an application on Kelly's behalf for the state’s moose hunt even though her odds of drawing a permit were in the neighborhood of 3 percent. Well, she beat the odds, drew the permit, practiced, learned some skills from her dad, and was ready to roll when the fall season came around. When it was all said and done, Kelly shot a moose and became the youngest hunter on Minnesota’s records for having done so. Congratulations, Kelly! [caption id=attachment_728 align=alignright width=500 caption=Photo:]Photo:[/caption] Matea Huggins is another 7th grader who made good on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While many hunters go decades without drawing a permit to hunt mountain goats, the Baker City Herald reported that this young Oregon resident drew a permit on her first try. In the end, she harvested a trophy billy and is one of 100 in the state’s history to do so. Trust me, this is no small task. My best friend hunted mountain goat last year and said it was one of the toughest hunts he’s ever gone through. Well done, Matea! Has anyone else drawn a special tag before? If not, let's hear what your dream hunt is. —Ben