I want to throw out a quick reminder about something I’m reading about a lot in the papers and online. Knowing Ben C. was out the other day gathering up a bunch of squirrels with his father makes me think it’s all that more important to hit this highlight. Depending on what state you live in, there is one (and in most cases multiple) opportunities for youth hunters to get into the field before the general season starts. Depending on your age, I’ve seen entire weekends dedicated to deer hunters, upland bird hunters, duck hunters, you name it. If you have the opportunity to head out during any of these openings, I can’t recommend them enough. If nothing else, it’s a great reason to head out with a parent, brother, sister, grandparent, uncle, whoever. If you want to find out when your state is holding youth hunting days, start by checking fish and game websites, or watch your local paper. Oftentimes the sports section drops another reminder a few days before the youth season opens. Youth days are there for a reason: If you can, get out and enjoy them! —Ben