width=500 It’s officially here (well, at least in my neck of the country anyhow). So it’s time to put on your game face, get out, and get it done. What am I talking about exactly? Only the most hallowed time of the hunting season, of course. The Rut! To get you primed, I thought I’d share a quick story from one of my friends who was hunting mule deer two weeks ago. After watching several smaller bucks work in and out of an area, he decided to see if there was any possibility of setting up a ground blind or ambush. What he found is pictured above—probably the most used-and-abused fence post I’ve ever seen. We’re not sure how old that chunk of wood is, but considering its shaped and the pile of wood shavings at the base, I’d say it’s a favorite check-point for the area’s big boys. This kind of obvious, in-your-face sort of sign isn’t common (at least not in my experience), but it’s a good reminder to keep on the lookout for scrapes, rubs, and any other buck sign. They’ve got breeding on the brain, and there’s no better time to be outside in the fall than right now. I’m heading out myself, and I’ll keep you posted. But in the meantime, if anyone out there in Generation Wild country cashes in their hunting tag, we want to know about it! —Ben