It doesn’t matter how many calories or pounds I burn during the hunting season, I pack on all the weight back  during the Thanksgiving holiday. Turkey, potatoes, pie, and of course my favorite—elk summer sausage appetizers. It’s all just too hard to resist. I’ll even be gorging this year despite the fact that I’ll be at hunting camp. My mom was nice enough to prepare and pack a few Thanksgiving-themed servings so all I have to do is reheat, cover with gravy, and I’m good to go. But just because I’m hunting doesn’t mean I’ll ignore the holiday. For me, Thanksgiving has always been a time that revolves around family. This year is no different. I might not be bellying up to the table, but my dad will be on one side and my brother on the other as we hike and climb through the snow looking for elk. I guess you could say it’s a celebration as usual, just a different location. I hope everyone else in Generation Wild country has an equally exciting holiday. In some states, the holiday signals the beginning of gun seasons. For those heading to the woods, stay safe and good luck! I want to hear some stories after this weekend when life returns to normal. —Ben