width=500 I recently mentioned a story about my friend who was out hunting and came across a deer-rubbed fence post nearly whittled away in the middle. Here’s Part II: He and his girlfriend made an eight-hour drive to hunt antelope. Between the two of them they held six antelope tags total, so despite finding that awesome rub, deer were secondary. Unfortunately, the land was flat, there was little cover, and the speed-goats were incredibly spooky. They estimated spooking over a dozen nice antelope bucks in the course of 2 ½ days. However, the does were a little easier to come by, as you can see in the photo, and they were able to bring home three. If you’ve never had antelope backstrap, I highly recommend it. I suppose I share this story because we (as hunters) put a lot of significance on antlers and horns. But there’s nothing wrong with does and cows. Let’s face it, hunting is hunting, and in the end it’s about getting out there, enjoying time with friends and family, and embracing the whole experience, not just finding a rack to occupy the empty spot on the wall. So to all you doe/cow hunters out there—my hat is off to you! —Ben