width=201 I’m not one for superstitions when it comes to hunting and fishing, but I know some folks who are. Oh, I’m sure thoughts of being jinxed popped in my head on one or two fishless days on the lake, but other than that I have to believe that hard work, skills, and some degree of luck play a bigger role than four-leafed clovers or rabbit’s feet. Josh Landis on the other hand may have a different opinion. For the past two seasons Josh, a 15-year old Kansas whitetail hunter, harvested nice 10-point bucks on the same day in consecutive years—September 20, 2008 and 2009. What makes this story even better, is that Josh only had one day to hunt! Congratulations Josh, I’d say twenty is your lucky number. Does anybody else have a superstition or good-luck charm when you’re hunting or fishing that makes you more effective? If you do, I’d love to hear about it…I need all the help I can get this season. —Ben