width=500 I’m back, guys! I’ve been enjoying some vacation over the holidays. And when I haven’t been digging myself out of a snow bank every time I want to drive, I’ve spent a little time in the outdoors. Last week I was in North Dakota with some family, and the trip was a good one. Snow piled up outside the front door during the first few days, but that made it easy for us to find some pheasants later one. This late in the season, the birds are VERY spooky. But because of the bad weather, they hold tight to the cover. So rather than push through the middle of a field, a buddy and I walked along some tree rows, through some small dried-up sloughs, and other odd terrain and flushed more than a few birds. While I didn’t shoot my limit, it was nice to get out and hike and harvest a few roosters for the crock pot. How was everyone’s holiday? Did anyone else get outside for some holiday hunting or fishing? —Ben